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Heading And Angle Maintenance

Author: sergey shulman
Supervisor: Prof. Tal Shima

In some operating systems there is a need for maintenance of position relative to some target. As an example we can look at a simple  ground to air missile launcher, this kind of systems must  maintain a specific  launching angle for the missiles while heading in the general direction of the target. The chances for interception increases with more accurate starting .

ray diagram

The following video shows a simple proportional control system that manages to obtain two angles relative to a given target, the TurtleBot  maintaining a heading towards a moving target while maintaining a fixed angle relative to this target.

The Implementation of the algorithm was made with several system that we have in our  lab. We wrought the controlling program in the simulink environment, The location of the bodies was obtained by our Optitrack cameras and the transmission of the commands was made by Ros (WiFi).

Heading And Angle Maintenance